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Meet the Cook: Nic Midgley

Nic is a good friend of mine who also happens to be an incredible cook! She recently cooked for one of my yoga retreats and was generous enough to share some of her recipes with me, which I'll be posting here. She's extremely talented and makes delicious food, and now you can too! Read more about her below and try one of her vegan and Ayurvedic inspired recipes!

Nic is a passionate home cook based in Sydney. At present cooking is mostly an enjoyable pastime, but Nic made a brief appearance in the top 50 of Masterchef season 4 and also did a short stint as a cooking teacher at Jamie’s Ministry of Food. She loves eating out but is more at home cooking anything and everything you can think of from scratch. Yes, of course she has a SCOBY (Victoria) and a sourdough starter (Rita) amongst the other ingredients in her kitchen. Nic believes eating a healthy diet is the foundation of good well being. Her philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods, minimizing highly processed ingredients. This had led to her exploring cultured and fermented foods. There’s always some homemade kombucha or fermented veg lurking in the back of the fridge. The recipes featured here are a small insight into the types of food Nic loves to cook and eat. These are influenced by Ayurvedic principles and the desire to have optimum gut health.

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