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Essential Goods

Essential Goods That Are Essentially Good For You

It can be hard being a spiritual being in a material world. We want to look and feel good on the inside and out. I've tried to take the stress out of finding the products that are good for you and the world. 

Below you will find some of my must have items that are all vegan and cruelty free. These are a small selection of items I have found and loved over the years. If there is something that you are looking for and would like a recommendation, please reach out to me anytime. 

Feel Good, Do Good

Axilla Black Chicken brand deodorant

Black Chicken - Deordorant Paste - Sensitive Skin

I didn't like the idea of rubbing chemicals in my armpits every day just to stay dry and smell like fake flowers. Although this deodorant is applied with your fingertips, which takes getting used to, it works really well! I do occasionally need to re-apply, depending on my day, but I think it's worth it to have a smaller imprint on the environment and to protect my own wellbeing.

A bottle of Springfields Rosehip Oil

Springfields - Rosehip Oil

I used to use all kinds of cremes and moisturizers on my face. Now, I have a very simple facial routine, which ends with facial oil as my moisturizer. Rose hip oil is especially good for aging skin (which we all have!). I know some people think face oil isn't an appropriate moisturizer for them, but just a small amount of this goes a long way and my face never feels oily, unless I've loaded it on intentionally.

A bottle of Black Chicken brand Oral Swishing Oil

Black Chicken - Oral Swishing Oil

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic cleansing practice. I always wanted to try oil pulling as a way to cleanse my mouth and strengthen my teeth, but all the oils I tried made me gag  . . .  until I found Black Chicken's incredible product! All of the ancient benefits, formulated in a modern way!

A role of Nexcare gentle paper tape

Nexcare - Gentle Paper Tape 

I use this paper to tape my mouth at night to prevent mouth breathing. I also use it sometimes when I'm running or doing the dishes just to monitor how often I unconsciously breathe through my mouth. Humans are meant to be predominantly nasal breathers, but many of us spend more time mouth breathing than we realize - and this can negatively effect our health and our stores of prana (energy) in the body.

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