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Introduction to Yoga

I am so excited to offer my first online yoga course. I've developed it based on the practices and philosophy that have guided me over the many years that I have been studying and practising yoga, but really, it is a culmination of teachings I have been learning my whole life. 


This course was previously called Transformation through Yoga - so you may hear and see reference to this - however, I have recently re-named it so that it better represents what is delivered in this course - which is a introduction to the many layers of yoga, beyond just the physical practice.

If you're interested in deep diving into your internal world or would like to learn more about yoga and your 'self' in general, then I hope you will sign-up for this course and explore the journey of transformation that yoga can offer everyone. 

The seven modules include: movement, pranayama (breathing), meditation, self-inquiry, questioning and action. 

Best Value

Introduction to Yoga



Start your yoga journey and deepen your self-awareness.

Valid for one year

7 Module Online Course

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