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Becoming a Member

Sign-up here to become a member of Kitty's Yoga Spot and gain access to my growing library of resources. The practices you will find as part of this site are the ones I use daily with Yoga Therapy clients. The Member's Only practice page will walk you through how to use the practices and the Easy Access Library is available for you to access just the recording without all the other content. 

Access to this membership portal is for one-year only and will need to be canceled if you decide to stop using the services. I am not able to refund membership payment if you decide you are not enjoying the practices.

The current membership library includes more than 15 practices and will continue to grow over time. Right now you can learn how to:

  • How to breathe for good health

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Reduce your respiratory rate

  • Breathe a diaphragmatic, nasal breath

  • Reduce chest breathing 

Best Value

Membership Practices



Use these practices to help manage stress and anxiety, to calm the nervous system and restore energy

Valid for 12 months

Unlimited access for one year to all recordings on this site

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