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Private yoga classes

Whether you're recovering from an injury, working with a chronic health condition, or just want to work on specific yoga poses that just always seems out of reach, a private session will give you the confidence you need to practice yoga safely and independently. 

Using the skills I've cultivated from practicing, teaching and of course continuous study, these sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Unlike in group classes where we can sometimes get missed, private sessions give us the skills to go into any yoga class and practice in a way that is safe for our bodies. They can also help us to take our yoga practice to the next level. 

Originally, yoga was something that was taught by a teacher to their student directly and in a one-on-one capacity. Because our bodies and minds are all so different, it's helpful to have this individual attention.

Private sessions cost $100 for an hour.

To book a discovery call or set-up a session, please email me:

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