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Gong Relaxation Sessions

The sound of the symphonic gong can help to create relaxation in the body by shifting subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) energy. Because this specific gong is not tuned to a particular key, it can be helpful for allowing the mind, in particular, to relax.

Our bodies are made up of vibration and when we hear and feel the sound the gong through the body - it can help to shift our energy, and in a sense - balance the frequency. 

I'm not one to be too 'wooey,' but having experienced the impact the gong can have in helping me relax and seeing the impact it has had on clients  - I believe it is another helpful tool we can all benefit from.

If you are interested in treating yourself or a loved one to a 45 minute session of relaxation - being guided by the sound of the gong on an internal journey, please get in contact with me via email:

The investment for a 45min session is $75.

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