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Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate Yoga, Breathing Practices, Mindfulness and Meditation

Enhance the wellbeing of your employees and co-workers with tailored yoga, breathing practices, mindfulness

or meditation sessions for your team. 

Research shows that with mindfulness and meditation, productivity and overall job satisfaction increase.

By introducing a once or twice weekly program into your office, you are encouraging staff to make health a
of their focus. By inviting your staff and colleagues to explore different aspects of yoga, you are building a health

conscious work environment, which will promote resilience and ultimately improve work outcomes.

Below you will find various offerings available through my corporate program. Businesses are able to select any combination or single offering for their staff, pricing is listed below the offerings. There is also the option for each participating staff member to have a private session as part of the package. By having one-on-one sessions, I am then able to tailor each class to the specific needs of those participating. 

Any of the options are also available in workshop or half-day formats.

Corporate packages can include any of the following options:

Vinyasa Yoga or Beginner Vinyasa Course

Vinyasa yoga is what most people think of when they picture a yoga class. These sequences are designed to help individuals build strength and flexibility, while focusing on the breath. The use of the breath in yoga (called pranayama) is part of what makes the practice so calming for many people.

Vinyasa classes will usually incorporate aspects of mindfulness, breathing practices and meditation (but these are all also available as separate sessions).

I also offer the option to run an 8 week beginners course where participants are able to learn the foundations of a safe and healthy yoga practice. This includes: alignment (where to place their feet and hands in different poses), basic breathing and an introduction to meditation.

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is tailored to the needs of each participant on the day. While therapeutic yoga is best taught to groups of ten and under, larger groups are able to be accommodated. Often for these sessions there might be a theme, such as stress and anxiety or lower back pain. The practice then includes different poses and other yoga practices tailored to this focus.

These classes are much slower than a regular vinyasa class and are a great option for those with varying abilities and those working with chronic health problems.

For those who choose therapeutic yoga for their work place, I highly recommend also selecting the option of having individual sessions included in your package.

Chair Yoga 

Chair yoga is exactly what you're imagining, yoga in your chair! 

The beauty of this practice is that participants don't even need to change out of their work attire, unless they would like to. It's taught in a way that it is accessible for everyone. I make sure to include practices and poses that individuals can do throughout the day to help combat the stress that can accumulate in the body from sitting all day.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga can often appear to be a much more relaxing practice from the outside. We hold poses in yin for 3-7 minutes each. While it can appear to be very relaxing, many people find it challenging to remain in these poses for extended periods of time. For this reason, I teach it with a strong emphasis on mindfulness training. 

Mindfulness, Breathing Practices and Meditation

These sessions and workshops are some of the most important. They teach individuals useful tools for managing every day stress and anxiety. 


While mindfulness is a popular buzz word at the moment, with regular practice, it has been proven to change the patterning of our brains. When stressful experiences arise or we receive an upsetting email (for example), if we are practicing mindfulness regularly, we will be less likely to be as reactive and will be better able to manage our stress response, both externally and physiologically! 


The same is true of both the breathing practices and meditation. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with me so we can set up a discovery call and see if these classes are right for your work environment.  

Corporate package costs

I encourage all new clients or potential customers to contact me to set-up a discovery call and walk through all the options here:


Corporate packages are booked in 8 weeks slots, however, I know all companies are different in terms of how they set-up events and workshops, I am able to be flexible with these packages if you are looking to extend beyond 8 weeks.


There is the option to have one or two classes per week and you can choose from any of the options above. Some work places prefer two vinyasa classes a week, while others might rotate between vinyasa and chair yoga, for example. 

8 Week Single Class Per Week: $150 per class, $1,200

8 Week Double Class Per Week: $130 per class, $2,080

All of the options listed above are available as workshops, 2 hrs in length or as a half-day event.

Packages for these options are:

2 hour workshop: $350

Half-day event: $1,500

As part of any of these packages, I am available to set-up private sessions with those participating. A single private session is $180, however, if you are booking in for more than three individuals, the cost is $150 per person.

I hope that you have found something here to offer to your staff or co-workers, please get in touch soon so we can start to plan your next steps:

*Zoom sessions also available.

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