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Online Yoga Course: Transformation Through Yoga

I am so excited to be offering my first online yoga course. I've developed it based on the practices and philosophy that have guided me over the many years that I have been studying and practising yoga, but really, it is a culmination of teachings I have been learning my whole life. 

The course is 7 modules, taking you through the physical and external practices of yoga to the deeper more internal practices, including developing your own life philosophy, which is something I think our world needs more of. 

If you're interested in deep diving into your internal world or would like to learn more about yoga and your 'self' in general, then I hope you will sign-up for this course and explore the journey of transformation that yoga can offer everyone. 

The seven modules include: movement, pranayama (breathing), meditation, self-inquiry, questioning and action. 

  • Transformation/Yoga

    Deepen Your Yoga Practice and Explore Your Self-Development
    Valid for one year
    • 7 Module Online Course
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